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More time to spend on your passions, while enjoying the best possible healthy meal you can get?


An effort to get naturals best!

We have created an unique "sciences based" algorithm that calculates the ideal composition of naturals best ingredients to fullfill your body needs. 

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Major21 provides balanced comprehensive mealshakes which includes special chosen ingredients that are rich in vitamines and minerals to fullfill your dayly needs.

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A mealshake provides 200 gram of vegatables and fruits that sustain ~98% of the fresh quality.
Get a healthy, high quality meal in less than a minute!

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  • How you choose your healthy ingredients.
  • Insights from experts and proffesionals.
  • 25 Tips to improve your diet.
  • Much more about healthy food. 

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We aim to help you with focussing on your passions, so we need your feedback. Let us know if you miss something or how we better can personalize our nutrition for you.

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